Charlton Nursery

Charlton Nursery Structure


Our nurseries provide daycare and education in a comfortable and homely environment. Our rooms are split into four age groups and children can move through the nursery as and when they are able to cope with the demands of the next room and we have space to accommodate them.

Snowdrop Room - 6 weeks up to 18 months (approx)

A cosy room, predominately carpeted, with a no-shoe policy and a comfy sofa and cushions for lots of cuddles. Babies in our Snowdrop room enjoy lots of sensory play, music and singing.  We have a separate sleep room with wooden cots and black out blinds. The babies enjoy spending time outside in our gardens on a daily basis, weather permitting.

Daffodil Room- 14 months - 30 months (approx)

Once babies start to toddle, they are encouraged to join our Daffodil Room. With the assistance of our wonderfully caring nursery practitioners, they are introduced to a wealth of new sensory experiences both inside and outside in our gardens. As with the baby room, we have a separate sleep room with black out blinds.

Bluebell Room- 26 months - 3 1/2 years (approx)

Freedom of movement is encouraged as much as is practical in this room. The children in this room have access to the garden throughout most of the day to encourage all sorts of play and learning opportunities both inside and outdoors. We also have a separate sleeproom which can accommodate sleeping children if required.

Sunflower Room- From 3 years (approx)

Again, in this room the children have access to the garden throughout most of the day.  The children in this room benefit from regular extra-curricular activities.We adhere closely to the EYFS, which is carefully structured to the needs of each individual child and we begin to prepare the children for school. Our emphasis is very much on learning through play and experiences.