Our Bristol Ethos

Our Bristol ethos was written in partnership with our families, staff and children. The children's voice was sought using elements of the Mosaic Approach (2017), using the children's own photographs and dialogue.

Clark, A. and Moss, P. {2017}. Listening to Young Children: A Guide to Understanding and Using the Mosaic Approach. 3rd ed. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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The Image of the Child

The wellbeing of our children is paramount. We work collaboratively to enable all children to remain safe, valued and respected within the environment. Children’s individuality is embraced and celebrated and our approach embraces the professional love our teachers have for the children in our setting. Our love for our children does not seek to compare with the love of the child’s family but, aims to complement it, supporting the child holistically. We value, hear and respect each child’s individual voice which reflects children’s rights and, subsequently underpins our philosophy. Children are active participants in their own learning and are empowered to make choices and contribute to our nursery community. We strive for our children to be happy, confident, curious, creative and inquisitive learners who are confident to be themselves. Furthermore, we create a culture of mutual respect and unity which provides an atmosphere of love, kindness and generosity. We recognise the world’s need for this for future generations.

The Voice of the Child

In respecting our children as equals and understanding the investment they have in our nursery, we encouraged them to share their thoughts of things which are important to them. Children took their own photographs and we recorded their comments. 

child's voice 1.jpg

"The grown-ups look after us."


"The pretty Bluebell. The Bluebell's are our friends."

child's voice 3.jpg

"The pegs. Put our pictures up."


"I need to take a picture of the office because we love the person inside it."