Our Flax Bourton Ethos

Our Flax Bourton ethos was written in partnership with our families, staff and children. 


Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Charlton Nursery and Preschool, Flax Bourton; we place emphasis on children’s mental health and well-being understanding that children that have a high sense of self worth are more likely to be resilient, confident and happy. We aim for children to embrace daily challenges and feel motivated in their every day learning experiences including the ability to calculate and take manageable risks, be free to make decisions and contribute their thoughts, ideas and beliefs to the wider nursery community. We value and respect the fact that every child is different and unique and aim to provide a culture where children’s individual views, thoughts and ideas are not only respected but promoted and celebrated. We value nutrition and provide children with healthy and balanced nutritious meals understanding  that good diets act are an investment for children’s healthy futures.