The Bristol Standard

The Bristol Standard is a nationally recognised outstanding self-evaluation framework. Both our nurseries proudly work towards achieving the Bristol Standard, which demonstrates our commitment to quality improvement.


The Bristol Standard is an ongoing journey for Charlton; a cycle completed over three years. It supports us to evaluate our practice across 12 different dimensions and enables us to continue providing high quality provision for all children. It is a collaborative document with our staff, families and children and is a continuous process to support the development of each setting as a whole. In this process, we discuss, share and celebrate our key strengths and identify future priority targets for us to focus on.

Our Bristol nursery gained their first certificate in 2017 and are currently working on their second full submission, due 2021. Our Flax Bourton nursery was awarded their first certificate in 2018 and is currently working on their second interim submission, also due 2021. 

As advocates for the Bristol Standard, we were approached to participate in a case study in 2017. This was published on the Bristol Early Years website, please click here to read it.


If you wish to know more about the Bristol Standard please speak to our Lead Early Years Teacher, Amy Hunter. Amy drives the Bristol Standard across both our settings and would be delighted to share our journey with you. Our Bristol Standard evidence file can be found in the reception area of each nursery.

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