Our Pedagogical Approach and Ethos


noun [pedəɡɒdʒi/]

the method and practice of teaching.


noun [ ee-thos, ee-thohs, eth-os]

the character spirit of a culture, era or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

The Charlton way...

At Charlton Nursery & Preschool, we consider our ethos to be our values, aims and beliefs we have within our nurseries. We strongly feel our ethos should reflect the composition of our nursery families, children, staff and community. Therefore, we feel each of our settings should have their own bespoke ethos which is personal to the structure of the nursery as an individual. We view our ethos as a working document which is in constant reflection and adapts to complement the cohort of families and relevant research.

Conversely, our aspirations and hopes for our children remain the same at both our settings. We strive for all our children to remain happy, healthy and safe. The well-being of our team and our children is our priority; this is the ethos underpinning our pedagogy at both our settings. At Charlton, we believe our children's personal, social and emotional development is paramount; creating a secure foundation for life.

We know the learning environment is of utmost importance, and we’ve worked with renowned child education specialist

Elizabeth Jarman to create homely, communication-friendly spaces in which all children can thrive. 

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