Our Philosophy

The Charlton way...

We strive for our children to remain happy, healthy and safe. The wellbeing of our team and our children is our priority; this is the ethos underpinning our philosophy. At Charlton, we believe our children's personal, social and emotional development is paramount; creating a secure foundation for life.

We know the learning environment is of utmost importance, and we’ve worked with renowned child education specialist

Elizabeth Jarman to create homely, communication-friendly spaces in which all children can thrive. Our rooms are split into four age groups and children can move through the nursery as and when they are ready to graduate to the next room.


Our children will remain...​

  • comfortable and safe in the environment

  • valued and respected

  • curious and creative

  • confident to reach their full potential

  • motivated to embrace challenges and will take manageable risks

  • active participants in their own learning and their voice heard, and respected


Our practitioners will continue to...

  • adopt a child-centred approach to learning

  • facilitate learning through scaffolding and OWLing (Observe, Wait, Listen) (Hanen, 2002)

  • cherish each child's individuality by following their interests

  • provide high quality, stimulating and challenging activities which are planned 'In the Moment' (ITMP) (Anna Ephgrave, 2018)

  • be passionate and invested in our children's lives and development

  • be open, trustworthy and supportive to families


Our families will remain...

  • comforted in the knowledge their children are happy and safe

  • valued as their child's first teacher

  • included in their child's nursery life 

  • confident to approach the team 

  • in close partnership with their child's Key Person to enable a consistent approach to the child's care and education

Our Environment

Our environment will continue to...

  • feel like a 'home from home' for our children; a space where they are happy and feel included

  • encourage ownership and participation for children

  • be inclusive; providing equal opportunities for all

  • reflect the diversity of our families and community

  • promote the wellbeing of our children through 'communication-friendly spaces' (Elizabeth Jarman, 2020)

  • inspire learning and encourage creativity

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